Azbuka Translation Agency in Armyansk

Translation Into Many Target Languages

Azbuka Translation Agency in Armyansk performs translations into many target languages. In the CIS countries translation from/into Western European languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (including Brazilian one), as well as languages of Eastern Europe: Polish, Czech, Slovak. Moreover, we can offer you professional translation of Oriental languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Pushto, Arabic.

Team of Translators

Our team consists of professional translators and native speakers from various countries. If you want to get quality translation of marketing materials, legal and official documents, fiction and scientific books, medical or technical documents, our translation agency in Armyansk will be your right choice. Using machine translation is prohibited in our agency!


To provide quality translation of specialized texts, such as complex technical and medical texts, being a good linguist is not enough. Translator is required to understand meaning of the text at a sufficient level, know special terms, abbreviations and established terms. This is why we employ doctors, lawyers, engineers who have sufficient experience in translation and high qualification for translation and proofreading of such texts. We’re sure that their translation will be professional both in terms of style and content.


Apart from services on translation of texts and documents, Azbuka Translation Agency in Armyansk provides the whole range of linguistic and accompanying services:

  • translation of texts;
  • proofreading of translations;
  • formatting, desktop publishing;
  • translation of documents with certification by a stamp of a translation agency;
  • translation of documents with notarial certification;
  • interpretation, accompanying foreign delegations;
  • consultations on apostilling and consular legalization;
  • discovery of documents in official institutions.