* Price requiring clarification from the translation agency manager
Translations of the 1st category of difficulty include translations of autobiographies, biographical
details, CVs, diploma supplements, military cards, medical certificates, pension cards, personal
correspondence, letters of recommendation, orders of appointment and salary certificates.
Translations of the 2nd category include translation of highly specialized texts, such as:
literary texts, computers and programming, engineering, medicine and pharmaceuticals,
oil and gas production, coal industry, metallurgy and related topics, psychology, construction,
economics, banking, business, finance and politics.
Translations of the 3rd category include translation of texts of higher complexity, which are
performed by native speakers and are assessed individually.
A highly specialized text is a text that relates to a specific topic that is not within the competence
of an ordinary person, including a regular translator. These are texts in the technical field (drilling,
metallurgy, construction, chemical production, etc.), medical or scientific orientation, multilingual
legal documentation, etc. Such texts contain industry-specific terms and words and sometimes have
a strictly defined structure for the presentation of information. The translation of highly specialized
texts requires a deep knowledge of the subject, so only experienced specialists in a given industry
are engaged for its implementation. The increased complexity and comparative rarity of high-class
specialists makes this type of translation more expensive.
Assistance in the notarial certification of the translation (translator's signature) is UAH 55 (one
document), each subsequent copy is UAH 55.
A certification of translation by the stamp of Azbuka Translation Agency is free of charge (one
copy), each subsequent copy is UAH 10.
The standard deadline for the order performance is “from today to the next business day”, the
price is specified in the price list.
Urgent performance of translation of a standard document is calculated according to the one-and-
a-half tariff.
The cost of interpretation is UAH 150 */hour. Minimum order is 2 hours.
Interpretation in the office and questionnaire completion is UAH 100/hour.