Ценовая политика (англ)

Translation of Standard DocumentsTranslation (1 page)
European languagesfrom 80 UAHEuropean languagesfrom 100 UAH
Languages of the CIS countriesfrom 55 UAHLanguages of the CIS countriesfrom 60 UAH
Scandinavian languagesfrom 165 UAHScandinavian languagesfrom 170 UAH
Oriental languagesfrom 110 UAH.Oriental languagesfrom 150 UAH
Legalization of documents
Apostillingfrom 450 UAH.
Consular Legalizationfrom 485 UAH*
Certification of translationsAdditional services
Certification with a stamp of a translation agency45 UAHFormattingfrom 50 UAH
Notarial certification of a translator's signaturefrom 100 UAHTypingfrom 50 UAH
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