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Mission of the company is to help people to get the best 24-hour service in the field of language translations, giving them opportunity to order and get a translation promptly and conveniently at a reasonable price, using Internet and without leaving their home or office.

Odessa is a great city on the seaside of the Black Sea. Big flow of people, as well as development of trade and tourist business contributes to the establishment of partnership relations with foreign companies, many trips abroad. In Odessa there often arises the necessity to conduct conferences or negotiations in a foreign language. In this case simple knowledge of a spoken language won’t be enough, that’s why it’s necessary to hire a professional translator in order to conduct business meetings at a good level. Specialists of Azbuka Translation Agency in Odessa will help you with this.

Odessa is a special city. Odessa is not only a city with a million population and a seaside resort, but also a sea gates through which imported goods are delivered to Ukraine, and, as a consequence, one of the centers of business activities. Moreover, Odessa Oblast is one of the border areas, and its residents have an opportunity to travel to Europe more often, work on ships and cruise on ships performing international voyages. For this reason work in Odessa is very dynamic and diverse. Thus, documents that are usual for other areas (passports, birth certificates etc.) also include customs and broker documents, rating certificates and passports of sailors, and the deadlines for translation of texts are usually very tight.

If you need interpretation or translation services, doors of Azbuka Translation Agency in Odessa are always open.

Azbuka Translation Agency in Odessa offers you translation of almost any documents within usual and tight deadlines. We have been working in the market of linguistic services for more than 10 years, number of translated documents and pages has exceeded tens of thousands, and number of loyal customers is estimated in hundreds. It has become possible due to the joint efforts of all employees of the company – customer managers, translators, desktop publishers, correctors. Each team member, being a professional and relying on his/her own experience gained during work for our company, makes a contribution into friendly and client-oriented service and high quality of translations. Moreover, in-house specialists rely on a team of freelancers, including native speakers, who are ready to translate your texts and documents to any language of the world.

Azbuka Translation Agency in Odessa provides services of technical, medical translations, translation of legal documents, notarial certification of translator’s signature on translated documents. Specialists of Azbuka Translation Agency in Odessa work at various conferences, exhibitions, meetings, business negotiations providing consecutive interpreting services. Our specialists will be glad to provide you consultations and answer your questions relating to consular legalization and apostilling. We’re waiting for you!

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