Price for clients of the Translation Agency «АZBUKA» Dnipro city

LanguageTranslation of standard documentsTranslation of the text (1800 symbols with spaces)Translation of the text
(1800 symbols with spaces) an extensive variety of topics, UAH.
Notarization of translation
 Азбука Azerbaijani10511017095
Азбука Armenian10511017095
Азбука Georgian115150from 18095
Азбука Kazakh150/170200from 25095
АзбукаKyrgyz250from 250from 25095
АзбукаMoldavian / Romanian120140from 15095
Азбука Russian40506095
Азбука Tajik200200-250from 25095
Азбука Turkmen180from 250from 25095
Азбука Uzbek180from 250from 25095
Азбука English7080/90from 10095
Азбука Bulgarian120from 130from 18095
Азбука Bosnian130from 150from 20095
 Азбука Hungarian150170 from 19095
Азбука Dutch200/250250/300from 30095
Азбука Greek130150from 19095
Азбука Danish250300from 30095
Азбука Spanish105120from 15095
Азбука Italian105120from 15095
АзбукаCatalanon request--95
Азбука Latvian150200from 20095
Азбука Lithuanian150200from 20095
АзбукаMacedonian130from 150from 20095
Азбука German90100-110from 12095
Азбука Norwegian250from 250from 25095
Азбука Polish95110from 15095
Азбука Portuguese120140from 18095
Азбука Serbo-Croatian130170from 20095
Азбука Slovak130170from 20095
Азбука Slovenian130170from 20095
АзбукаFinnish200200from 25095
Азбука French100130from 15095
Азбука Czech100-120130from 18095
Азбука Swedish200250from 25095
Азбука Estonian250250from 25095
Азбука Arabic13514025095
Азбука Vietnamese150200from 25095
Азбука Hebrew125130/150from 20095
Азбука Chinese125150/200from 25095
АзбукаKorean270270from 30095
Азбука Turkish105150from 15095
Азбука Farsi, Pashto, Dari
from 250300from 35095
АзбукаHindi250250from 35095
Азбука Japanese 150 from 150from 25095

*price to be determined preliminary by the manager of the Translation Bureau.

Notarial assurance of translation – 95 UAH per document.
Notarial assurance of translation + with photocopy (2 in 1) – 110 UAH per document.
Notarial copy of multi-page document – 95 UAH per document + 15 UAH per each page.
Urgent translation – extra pay 50-100% (depending on the occupancy and the possibility of the translator).
Official certification of the translation with the seal of the Translation Bureau on the letterhead – 10 UAH per document.
Desktop publishing and formatting in special programs – at extra cost.
Document printing – 1 UAH per one page.
Document scanning – 5 UAH per document (not more than 5 pages), each subsequent 1UAH per page.


Apostilization price-listby the Ministry of Justice, аnd the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Apostilization price-list by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


Friday is not a public day in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine!!!

Addition submitting on Friday 300 UAH per each document.
Certificates on the fact of studying according to the new documents starting from 750 UAH
Extra charge for change of dates 800 UAH


Legalization price-list for the documents, which require the power of attorney

This type of service is required for countries that are not part of the Hague Convention, namely (Arab countries, some Asian countries)

1. All the documents of the Registry Office (birth certificates/divorce certificates/marriage certificates, extracts) must be notarized in the Regional Office of Justice — 150 UAH per document
2. Notary documents (statement, power of attorney, аffidavit) are being legalized on the originals.
3. Other documents, for example, educational documents are being legalized on the notarial copy. The price of the notarial copy — 100 UAH per one pager.



Translation and notarial assurance by sworn Polish translator

The foreign passport copy of the document owner is required!


Translation and notarial assurance by an Accredited (Certified) French translator

The foreign passport copy of the passport holder is required!


Translation and notarial assurance by a translator in the Embassy of SPAIN.

The foreign passport copy of the passport holder +THE POWER OF ATTORNEY are required!