Azbuka Translation Agency in Mykolaiv

Azbuka Translation Agency in Mykolaiv provides all types of services related to translation. We translate texts and documents to/from more than 30 demanded languages of the world, provide services on consular legalization and apostilling of documents, notarial certification of translations and provide interpreters for conducting negotiations and foreign delegations.

We have a flexible discounts system and partner programs for loyal customers. If a specific character of translations for a loyal customer requires knowledge of specific field, we create a work group of translators who will study the subject and translate all order of this client. As a rule, in this case we prepare and agree with the customer a thesaurus of key words and phrases, if such glossary hasn’t been provided by the customer.

Only a team of translators can promptly translate a big volume of text. Due to the fact that our team consists of tens of professional translators and proofreaders and modern CAT tools are used for organization of their work, as well as company’s quality assurance system, we can perform urgent translations of big volumes of text. We invite you to our office in Mykolaiv, located at the address: 25/1 Navarinskaya Str.