Azbuka Translation Agency in Yevpatoria

Azbuka Translation Agency performs translations into majority of the most demanded world languages. Our experience shows that in CIS countries translation from/into European languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech. To those who plan to travel or conduct business in Oriental countries, we offer professional translation of such languages as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Farsi, Arabic.

Team of Azbuka Translation Agency consists of skilled specialists. For more than 10 years of successful work we’ve managed to make up a team of professional translators who can complete any order regardless of its complexity and volume. If you need quality translation of technical, economic, legal or medical documents, fiction or scientific papers, Azbuka Translation Agency in Yevpatoria will be the right choice.

Translation for various fields

Translation of specialized texts relating to medical or technical field requires a translator to have practical knowledge and experience associated with the subject matter. In other words, a translator must be able to analyze and understand text at such a level so that he/she could speak the language of a specialist in the field to which this text relates, using professional abbreviations, terms, established terms and specific vocabulary. For this reason we assign translations to translators who have education or experience of work as doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. You can be sure that the order will be translated in a quality way while observing all established standards of translation.

Range of provided services

Apart from translation of texts and personal documents, Azbuka Translation Agency in Yevpatoria provides the whole range of translation services:

  • translation (legal, economic, medical, technical documents);
  • interpretation (consecutive);
  • translation with notarial certification;
  • translation and certification with a stamp of translation agency;

consular legalization and apostilling of documents.

Cost of translation with notarial certification

Certified translation of a standard document from 700 rub.