What is a Translation?

Azbuka Translation Agency performs translation of texts of general and various specialized natures. Strict control of quality and high standards of work with clients guarantee high level of translations, and they are the basis for long-term and profitable cooperation with clients.

Term “translation of a text” means communication of information presented in one language using means of another language. At that simple conveying the meaning is not enough, it’s necessary to consider structure and style of the original text, logic of information presentation and national peculiarities of languages a translator works with. In some cases a translator needs to add to written translation explanations and notes, explaining meaning of some term, its etymology and context of its use.

Types of Translation

To translate a text a specialist needs some time to analyze the meaning and structure of the original text, study the logic of presentation, lexical features, and identify literary techniques and most frequently used terms. At that a translator uses various sources of information that help him or her to better analyze and understand the source text. Such sources include dictionaries, reference books, thematic articles, information presented on the Internet etc.

Translated text must read as if it was originally written in the target language. This means that translation must comply with the accepted standards of writing of a certain language, it must be readable. Moreover, each style is characterized by its own rules and peculiarities of material presentation. Let’s consider business letter as an example. Variants of its execution as well as etiquette accepted in business correspondence of different countries differ a lot in some cases. In this situation word-for-word translation of a business letter, for example, from Russian to German, may be thrown to a basket without even reading it due to absence of the phrase “Dear Sirs or Mesdames” or “Dear [insert name]”. But there are more complicated documents, for example, scientific publications or reports of auditing firms. In such cases apart from knowing the language, a translator must perfectly understand the theme itself. Thus, translation is a work for universal erudites and dedicated experts.

Qualification of employees of Azbuka Translation Agency meets the highest requirements. We’re ready to complete tasks of high complexity; moreover, in our agency there are several departments, employees of which are selected based on specialization in technical, legal, economic and medical texts. Moreover, there is a department of linguistic checking and proofreading of ready translations. All our translators, correctors and proofreaders obtained relevant education and they also have extensive professional experience translating various documents of any level of complexity.

You can order a translation of documents into many languages of the world and their complexity and volume are of no importance.

Most Common Fields of Translation

Usually, people contact Azbuka Translation Agency for translation of the following texts:

  • Standard documents: passport, certificate of (no) criminal record, military registration cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates etc.
  • Technical texts – user’s manuals, equipment operation instructions, accompanying documents for projects, drawings etc.;
  • Legal texts – charters and constitutional documents, agreements, contracts, powers of attorney, extracts from state registers etc.;
  • Business correspondence – business letters, CVs, invoices, waybills for import/export of goods;
  • Economics/finances – economic articles, analytical reviews, accounting documents, tender documents, business plans;
  • Medicine – medical certificates, drug prescriptions, records, medical equipment operation instructions, patient medical records, diagnoses, clinical drug trials, monographies, findings of testing of pharmaceutical substances, medical websites.

Peculiarities of Translation

Maximum accuracy of communicating information contained in the document

It’s very important to observe this rule in the process of translation, as texts often contain many specific terms that negatively affect “transparency”, i.e. easiness of text perception. At that a translator must be very careful in the process of interpreting segments of the text that are difficult to adapt in order not to distort content of the original text. Primary task is to convey facts and sometimes it deviates from the style of the document, as it becomes less important.

Translation of proper names using current transliteration requirements

This aspect needs attention, as the smallest mistake or misprint in name or surname may cause serious consequences. For example, there can be problems with acceptance of the document translation by official authorities. Moreover, it’s very important to make sure those proper names, addresses and names of firms and organizations, as well as place names are written correctly;


In number of cases translation of personal, educational, entitling, constitutional and other documents are subject to obligatory notarization, as without it documents won’t be accepted by corresponding authorities.

Quality Assurance

Machine translation is absolutely unacceptable in Azbuka Translation Agency. To increase speed and quality of translation we actively use automatic translation tools, so-called CAT-tools, i.e. special software. When using such software, a specialist translates texts and computer helps him or her in structuring, arranging, ensuring consistency of terminology and more rigorous control of quality in an online mode. Proofreader can edit text that is being translated in that very moment.

Advantages of Written Translations Made by Azbuka Translation Agency

  • Sufficient number of highly-qualified dedicated experts that performs quality translation of texts in any field;
  • Each translation is edited for the purpose of its improvement, and it is also checked by correctors in order to correct any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. For the years of work in the translation industry we’ve developed our own means for translation process optimization. These means include specific glossaries and program assets for improvement of quality of the performed translation;
  • Our employees have experience working with the most modern software (CAT-tools, translation project management systems, proofing tools);
  • We work with texts of various formats, including drawings, created in CAD software, graphic files, text of interface and code of software, including usage of proprietary tools of the customer.

Azbuka Translation Agency is ready to translate texts in any field and those of any level of complexity. From the moment of order placement, your order will be handled by personal manager, who will preliminary evaluate volume of the text, cost and expected date of translation completion. Manager will also select for your text one or several specialists meeting the set requirements. Moreover, if you want to check the qualification of such specialist and quality of translation, you can order a translation of small segment of the text (about 1,800 characters with spaces). Upon request of the customer, translation will be proofread by a native speaker of the target language.

Quality and promptness are the main parameters of our translation agency. Contact us and assure yourself of it. You can contact us by visiting one of our offices, by phone, email or Skype.