Azbuka Translation Agency in Chernivtsi

Azbuka Translation Agency in Chernivtsi, located at the address: 27 Glavnaya Str. is the representation office of Azbuka Trasnaltion Agency network that has been working for more than 7 years in Ukraine. During this period we’ve made up a team of professionals who can complete the most complex and important projects, such as translation of websites into several languages, localization of software, translation of international agreements, complex project documents and drawings.

In our office you can get the whole range of translation services. You can order written translation of any text: technical, legal, economic, medical translation, translation of instructions for domestic appliances. We offer the whole range of services on translation and legalization of documents to individuals. Such services include notarial translation, apostilling and consular legalization of documents.

Price-list of our office in Chernivtsi