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Azbuka Translation Agency in Kryvyi Rih

Azbuka Translation Agency in Kryvyi Rih is a branch of national network of translation agencies that has been working in Ukraine for more than 10 years.

We observe high standards of our company and rely on experience and knowledge of a team of professionals. This gives us confidence that we’ll handle any order regardless of its complexity and specific character of a text. We take care of clients’ convenience — in our office you get the whole range of translation services.

From January 2016 we started to help our clients in Dnipro and Zaporizhia to make translations and certification by Czech sworn (court) translator. Czech sworn (court) translator is a specialist in philology who performs translations from Russian and Ukrainian from and into Czech. This specialist is registered in a court register of a kraj of the Czech Republic and has a license to perform such activities in the territory of Ukraine. Translations of documents performed and certified by such specialist shall be accepted by all state bodies, enterprises, educational institutions within the territory of the Czech Republic.

You can order written translation of any text: technical, legal, medical translation, translation of instructions for domestic appliances, translation of websites. If you plan a meeting with a foreign citizen or a guided tour around the city for guests from abroad, our interpreters are at your service. Those who plan a trip abroad can use the service of notarial translation of documents in order to have an opportunity to submit them to official institutions of another country. On a turnkey basis we perform such complex works as apostilling and consular legalization of personal documents, thus saving your time. You can get more detailed information about our services in offices of our company.

Price-list of our office in Kryvyi Rih

Target languageTranslation of a standard documen, UAHTranslation of text from/into language (standard translation page of 1,800 characters with spaces), UAHTranslation of text from/into language (standard translation page of 1,800 characters with spaces) of a specialized text, UAH
Languages of the CIS countries
 Азбука Azerbaijanian  90   100* 150
Азбука Armenian 75  85 120
Азбука Belarusian 90  100 120
Азбука Georgian 90  100 150
Азбука Kazakh 120  130* 200
Азбука Kirghiz 120  130* 200
Азбука Moldavian 80  90* 150
Азбука Russian 30  30 30
Азбука Tadjik   120  130* 200
Азбука Turkmenian 120  130* 200
Азбука Uzbek 120  130* 200
European languages
Азбука English505565-75
Азбука Bulgarian100110180
 Азбука Hungarian110120190
Азбука Dutch120from 130*190
Азбука Greek 100  115 190
Азбука Danish120from 130*200
Азбука Spanish 75  80 110
Азбука Italian 75  80 110
Азбука Catalan100from 110*200
Азбука Latvian 120 from 130*200
Азбука Lithuanian 120  from 130* 200
Азбука Macedonian120from 130*200
Азбука German 55  60 70-80
Азбука Norwegian120150*200
Азбука Polish 75  80 from 90
Азбука Portuguese 100  110 180
Азбука Serbo-Croatian 100  110 180
Азбука Slovak 100  110* 180
Азбука Slovenian 110  130* 180
Азбука French 75  80 110
Азбука Czech 90  110 180
Азбука Swedish120150*200
Азбука Estonian150160*200
Oriental languages
Азбука Arabic125135250
Азбука Vietnamese110120200
Азбука Hebrew 125  125-135 200
Азбука Chinese 120  130-150 200
Азбука Korean 130  180* -
Азбука Turkish 90  100 140
Азбука  Farsi 140  150* -
Азбука Japanese 150  from 150*-
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