Azbuka Translation Agency in Rivne

Azbuka Translation Agency in Rivne provides the whole range of linguistic services. We provide translation and interpretation services, translation of documents with certification with a stamp of a translation agency or notarial certification of translator’s signature, provide consultations on consular legalization and apostilling of documents. We invite you to evaluate high standards of quality established in our translation agency, as well as willingness of our managers to do everything for convenience of clients. Our address in Rivne is 18 Chornovola Str. Orders for estimation of costs and performance of translations you can send to email address:

Price-list of our office in Rivne

When translating documents into a foreign language, cost of the translation is also calculated on the basis of a number of characters per 1,800 symbols.

Cost of a standard document that contains more than 1,800 characters is also calculated based on the number of characters in it.

Minimal order is a standard document or 1 translation page.

Price in brackets is the price for standard documents translated by in-house translators.

Price outside the brackets is the cost of translation of general text.

Prices separated by «/» are the prices for translation from/into a language.

** — upon request.