Certificate of No Criminal Record

Certificate of no criminal record is an official document issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. This document confirms that a person has no criminal records, it means that there are no facts of criminal prosecution. Certificate of no criminal record is requested be produced at official institutions of Ukraine and corresponding authorities abroad.


There are two types of certificates of no criminal record: for internal use within the country of applicant’s residence and for travel abroad. If the document to be produced in foreign authorities, in many cases you will have to pay attention to peculiarities of issuance of such certificates for a target country. Certificate form is protected by watermarks and hologram. Moreover, certificate shall be additionally legalized, i.e. it must undergo a procedure confirming legal force of the document. Depending on the country you are going to, legalization can be performed according to the standard or simplified procedure. Thus, in member countries of the Hague agreement on mutual recognition of documents Apostille is sufficient, and it is much easier than the procedure of consular legalization applicable for other countries.


Certificate of no criminal record is valid for 30-90 days. Validity of the certificate is determined by its purpose. Thus, if you plan to use the document abroad, it will be valid within 3 months. Within the territory of Ukraine period of its validity depends on the official institution where the certificate to be produced.

List of Obligatory Documents

To get a Certificate of no criminal record it’s necessary to prepare the following documents for submission:

  • Citizens of Ukraine shall have with them a copy of passport (first 2 pages, as well as the page with residence registration);
  • Foreign nationals shall produce original passport and notarized translation of the document.

Drawing up of Application

In order to get a Certificate of no criminal record it’s necessary to draw up an application according to the provided sample on a special form ИП-1. According to the requirements, an applicant must provide required information. It includes full name (last name, first name and patronymic), at that if a person has changed its last or first name, he or she must state it and produce a document that officially confirms this fact. Applicant must state date and place of birth, citizenship, as well as purpose of issuance of the certificate. Moreover, it’s necessary to provide contact details (phone number).

If a person had a previous conviction, he or she will have to confirm the fact of its absence at present, for example, by providing a certificate of release or confirming expiry of conviction in any other way.

Where to Apply?

Certificate of no criminal record is issued by IT Department of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. There are similar institutions in every regional center and most cities. In other words, it’s necessary to contact police department in a place of your residence.

Services on issuance of Certificate of no criminal record shall be paid according to the applicable tariffs set by the state. The price depends on the period within which you would like to get the certificate. After payment of state duty and submission of application you will be informed when you can get the certificate.

Main Difficulties

Citizens of Ukraine, who need to get a Certificate of no criminal record, face some difficulties. The most common problem is huge queues. If the date, by which the documents must be ready, is strictly set, it’s better to start procedure of certificate issuance in advance.

The procedure for issuance of the Certificate of no criminal record includes several stages, completion of which is among duties of various civil officers. Accordingly, people need to stand in several queues and it is time consuming.

Many of those who faced the necessity to individually examine the procedure for issuance and submission of documents, and spent a lot of time while drawing up various papers in state institutions, these people prefer to entrust specialized organizations with the task of executing documents.

Best Solution

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