Consular Legalization of Documents (Legalization of Documents)

Consular legalization of official documents is the procedure for confirmation of the validity of original documents. The procedure includes applying to official institutions for confirmation that signature of an official affixed to the document is authentic, and he or she was authorized to sign the document at that moment, as well as seal impressions as well as stamps on the document are original and they were affixed in a lawful way.

Together with consular legalization, Azbuka Translation Agency also offers its clients apostilling, which is affixing Apostille stamp in Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Consular Legalization

Consular legalization is required for countries that are not included in the list of members of Hague Convention on mutual recognition of documents. As a rule, process of legalization includes three stages, namely: legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the final stage is legalization in the consulate of the country on the territory of which such document will be used.

For consular legalization it’s necessary to complete a power of attorney in the name of an employee of our company so that he or she could apply to state bodies on your behalf. If you send us documents by post, before sending you need to ask what surname you shall state in the power of attorney. To do this you just need to contact us in any convenient way.

Managers of our company are ready to answer any questions you may have.