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Development of a website is a complex task that includes several stages to be completed by specialists with different specializations. After completion of technical tasks (registration and attaching a domain name, hosting and development of a website structure) a website shall be filled with text content. This task seems to be quiet easy, because anyone can write a text. But in reality some specific requirements are imposed on such texts, besides general grammatical correctness and consistency of the material, text shall be optimal for search engines, it shall also contain key words as this helps to promote a website in search engines (Google, Yandex). Copywriters specialize on writing the “right” texts. Copywriters are the people who can quickly understand new subject and prepare text material of high quality and uniqueness (95-100%), as it’s one of the most important factors for search engines.

Every website needs quality texts, be it on-line store or business card website, a website representing an official institution on the Internet or a website selling certain services. Depending on the type of the website, there are prepared various types of articles that may be of informative, technical or advertising nature. Well-written texts encourage readers to perform certain actions, for example, to make a purchase or call.

First of all, copywriting is a creative process that requires a specialist to have a logical mindset. Such specialist shall also be competent and be able to work with large volumes of information. Very often copywriters deal with the themes they have never worked before with. New theme shall be thoroughly studied, it also includes learning a vocabulary specific for this theme in order to make an article unique, well-written and easy-to-read. The process of writing a quality article may take from several hours up to several days, depending on its volume.

Writing articles for websites is inextricably connected with the concept of SEO, search engine optimization. What is the difference between general texts and SEO texts? The case is that SEO-optimized articles for a website contain necessary amount of key words that correspond with queries of necessary frequency.

At that you should note that articles, being optimal in terms of SEO, must be easy-to-understand and readable for a person, who is a visitor of the website. Copywriters must always keep balance between the readability and SEO-optimization of texts they’re writing.
Our company offers you quality copywriting services. We write texts on various subjects, considering all requirements to the texts for websites and advertising articles.

Main types of texts:

1.Advertising texts (articles aimed at description of goods or a brand, its advantages; such articles are often prepared to introduce new goods on the market).
2.Informative articles (for example, an article about resort or description of an event, concert).
3.Technical texts with description of a device and functionality of the described device.
4.Texts for advertisements (these texts can be written both for search engine advertising and for advertisements on sale of goods, provision of services).
5.Selling texts (inspire action).
6.Texts for landing pages (clearly structured single text for a single page website).
7.Description of items of an e-store.We also offer you services on writing texts not only in Russian, but also in English, German and other foreign languages.

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