Economic Translation

What is an Economic Translation?

There is a huge difference between basic knowledge of foreign language, communicative skills and professional knowledge of the language. Specialists, working in a translation agency, have qualifications of a translator confirmed by a higher philological education. However, in some cases it’s not enough to guarantee for the customer that economic translation is of highest quality.

Why knowledge of the language is not enough?

There are several reasons for that.

Firstly, economic/financial texts are characterized by transdisciplinarity, which means that apart from economics or finances, they almost always contain information from other area of knowledge: construction, manufacture, chemistry, jurisprudence, medicine and many others. One can surely say that any economic text is always associated with any other sphere of human activity, and sometimes with several of them. That’s why many customers mistakenly call their texts “purely economic”, because such texts only have forms of academic papers on theory of economics. Even if the texts are publications of world-renowned scientists, they rarely relate to economy itself. If the text is about economy, it contains figures, mathematics, statistics, accounting and other disciplines, without which existence of economy is impossible.

Secondly, any lawful activities of companies and private entrepreneurs are associated with economy. Whether we speak of trade in medical equipment or food products, investments in economy of a foreign state or manufacture of production units and development of software, they are all subject to evaluation, analysis and accounting.

When You Need an Economic Translation

Today, when business becomes more international each year, translation of economic texts has become one of the most demanded services. Banks, international concerns, various companies, auditing firms, accountants and entrepreneurs exchange huge volumes of information with foreign partners, in particular, such documents as:

  • economic publications;
  • financial and analytical reports;
  • business plans;
  • tender documents;
  • special literature on marketing and management;
  • accounts;
  • auditor’s report.

Translation of economic and financial texts is one of the specializations of Azbuka Translation Agency.

Our service is client-oriented:

  • our goal is long-term cooperation and we do everything so that you were satisfied with quality of our services;
  • our pricing policy is based on the absence of any fees for “special quality” of work;
  • we work only with qualified translators, correctors and proofreaders;
  • we value time and perform your orders on time;
  • we work with documents of all possible formats.

Assurance of Quality of Economic Translations

All economic and financial translations of texts, that you can provide us, are performed by specialists who have sufficient experience working with this field. Quality assurance of economic translations is similar to the one we apply for medical, legal and technical documents. This means that we check all parameters of the completed translation, linguistic check and proofreading of text are performed by a dedicated expert and meaning is checked by a person who has knowledge in the field of economy.