There are two primary types of interpretation: consecutive and simultaneous. Simultaneous interpreting is the most complicated type of interpreting both in terms of requirements as to qualification of a translator, and due to the necessity to use specialized audio equipment for a specialist and each participant of the event.

Simultaneous interpreter interprets simultaneously with speech of a speaker. Person, whose speech is being translated, can speak without any pauses, and the interpreter must interpret everything immediately. In other words, simultaneousness of perception of oral speech and immediate interpretation is the main peculiarity of simultaneous interpreting. Special equipment helps an interpreter to perceive what you’ve heard and to interpret it immediately. Equipment suite must include a set of earphones for interpreters, microphone, set of earphones or portable receivers according to the number of participants. Interpreter, that interprets simultaneously, is in specially equipped premises (cubicle), where he/she can’t hear extraneous sounds. Considering extreme complexity of this type of interpreting, it requires long training of a specialist, and the interpreter must know the language perfectly and think at lightning speed. Due to these facts price of work of interpreters is quiet high.

Speaking of consecutive interpreting, it slightly differs from the simultaneous one. The difference is that speech is interpreted when a speaker stops talking and makes a pause, giving interpreter an opportunity to interpret. Consecutive interpreting requires an interpreter to be concentrated to the maximum, as it is necessary to keep in mind all the information said since the last pause.

Such translation is usually required at events with small number of participants, when conducting negotiations with representatives of other companies and during briefings, press conferences, exhibitions, presentations, seminars, festive events.

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In most cases negotiations are conducted in English, German (also by phone or using Internet connection), moreover, we have highly-qualified interpreters of Spanish, French and other in-demand languages.

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