Economic translation

Economic translation requires deep understanding of the topic. To perform with such a task, the specialist needs to know the specific context, in which these or other terms are used, or even the text itself. For example, understanding of the exact communication in response to which a particular letter is written, to what agency the document is directly submitted, helps to figure out how it has to be drawn up.

Economic relations in different countries have notable distinctions. Moreover, such states may use the same language, albeit with some certain variations. However, the economic situation will be radically different. As a result, some terms may be outdated or incorrect in one case, relevant in another, or acquire a new meaning in the third one.

In this respect, the example of English-speaking states is quite telling. This language is spoken both in countries with the strongest and explicitly poor economies. Accordingly, the description of their economic situations may differ. And all this is taken into account by our experts.

What types of work do we take on? 

Economic translation may be required when working with a wide variety of sources. We are ready to take on the following:

  • Correspondence, both official (statements and appeals) and personal;
  • reports, various forms of reporting;
  • memoranda, statements, powers of attorney, plans, schedules;
  • programs with calculations, formulas, graphs, etc.;
  • scientific articles;
  • blog posts on related issues;
  • material for the creation of textbooks;
  • notes to articles.

This is not an exhaustive list of the exact tasks that our company is ready to undertake. However, it makes it already clear that we are willing to take on quite a wide range of work formats. We delve into the details, taking into account the wishes of our customers.

Our translators are not only fluent in the required languages, but also are familiar with the relevant terminology. They also constantly monitor current developments in the field. As a result, they create meaningful translations with full understanding of what is directly being discussed.

Economic translation can sometimes be objectively complex. If your task was given to a specialist, but they failed or you are not happy with the result of their efforts for various reasons, we are ready to help you. We can redo everything from scratch or correct the shortcomings identified. Details are negotiated on an individual basis.