Literary Translation

Azbuka Translation Agency is one of the leading translation agencies that specialize in literary translation.

Imaginative and aesthetic function and portraying a character are the basis of a fictional text. In the process of literary translation the task of a translator is to reproduce individual peculiarities of author’s language, adapt it to the language audience, and catch the spirit of the author. When translating fiction it’s important to pay attention to the genre of the text. Further fate of the text will depend on translator’s professionalism and its perception in another country.

In Azbuka Translation Agency literary translation is performed by professional linguists, who know principles and nuances of literary translation very well. For example, in the process of performing literary translation there is a possibility to deviate from original text for better conveying of meaning. In the process of translation all nuances and suggestions of the author are considered, and major changes are discussed and agreed with the author or publisher.

Literary translation includes:

  • translation of fiction;
  • translation of stories;
  • translation of poems;
  • translation of books;
  • translation of artistic articles in newspapers;
  • translation of tales;
  • translation of movies;
  • translation of TV programs;
  • translation of textbooks;
  • translation of songs;
  • translation of brochures;
  • translation of advertising texts;
  • translation of PR texts.

Example of literary translation:
Literary TranslationLiterary Translation