Medical Translation


When You Need Medical Translation

Are you going to receive treatment abroad? What to do if you need to test a drug abroad? Or do you use foreign drugs that are not imported to the CIS countries and due to this labels and annotations to them are not translated into Ukrainian or Russian? Are you planning to open a private doctor’s office and to equip it with imported medical devices, operation manual of which has no Ukrainian or Russian version? Were you invited to a specialized symposium abroad and you need translation of reports and specialized publications? Are you interested in the latest inventions in medicine because of your business project and this is why you need to know the news and latest data from leading specialists of the world?

You can order professional translation of any medical documents and texts by contacting Azbuka Translation Agency.

Translation of Medical Documents

Translation of documents related to medicine is required for consultations and therapeutic interventions abroad. Such documents include patient medical records, results of clinical analyses, medical decisions, diagnoses, various certificates. Professional translation of such documents is obligatorily required for treatment of serious diseases in those countries, in which the level of medical care is higher than in your home country.

Moreover, medical field isn’t statical, as it develops together with other directions of science and technology. Due to this new and repeated clinical trials are conducted, old equipment is improved, as well as new medical equipment is invented, various workshops of leading medical specialists and specialized seminars are organized, and new materials are published in specialized magazines. This is connected to the exchange of big volume of information, necessary for training and upgrading qualification of medical specialists and improvement of patient treatment.

Peculiarities of Translating Medical Texts

Mistakes in translations of medical texts are unacceptable; they can have fatal consequences for person’s health. Moreover, any person has seen “doctors’ handwriting”, that is very hard to understand. In Azbuka only specialists who also have a medical education or translators who know a foreign language and work in the medical field work with medical texts.

Narrow area of expertise in this field doesn’t allow rushing in the process of work with the text and it requires maximum attention to all the details of the document. Due to this Azbuka Translation Agency prefers to assign medical translations and their proofreading to practicing medical workers who perform translations after their working hours and on weekends. We believe that quality of translation is more important than time necessary for its performance.

Our Translation Agency Specializes in Translation of Such Medical Documents:

  • certificates;
  • various extracts;
  • findings of medical trials;
  • epicrises and expert findings;
  • patient medical records;
  • medical cards;
  • protocols of clinical studies of active pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • annotations to medicines;
  • medical equipment operation instructions;
  • websites of clinics and pharmacological enterprises;
  • expert findings of drug trials;
  • registration documents of medicines;
  • licenses to pharmacological products;
  • certificates of quality to medical products;
  • specialized publications in special editions;
  • monographies, medical magazines and reports.

Azbuka Translation Agency respects your private life and personal information that is not intended for third parties. We guarantee confidentiality of personal information provided for translation.

Our principles are individual approach to each customer and equal treatment of each order. Thorough check of linguistic parameters and proofreading of all specialized characteristics of each document is the guarantee of quality of medical translations ordered in our agency. We can make any translation perfect, and this is very important, because medical texts contain many specialized terms, Latin words and abbreviations, translations of which must be correct.