Nostrification of Documents

Many people who come to another country with the purpose of employment or entrance to a higher educational establishment face the problem of recognition of a diploma issued in their native country. Thus, citizens of Ukraine, who chose higher educational establishments of Poland, Germany and Italy, later return to their native country for employment. In our country there is a lot of students from Central Asian, Arab and African countries, and when they return to home countries, they will need to confirm validity of an educational document (diploma), or, speaking official language, undergo nostrification procedure. It’s also true for a reverse situation, as documents of specialists, who have obtained education in their home country and employ abroad, will undergo the same procedure.

There is no single algorithm of nostrification, it differs in various countries. NostrificNostrification of documents. Nostrification of educational documents | Translation agency – Azbukaation procedure in Ukraine is controlled by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine according to the Decree No 632 “The Procedure for Recognition and Establishment of Equivalences of Education Documents Issued by Educational Establishments of Other Countries in Ukraine” dated 28.05.2012.

Sequence of Actions

In general, the process of nostrification is the following:

  1. Person, who wants to confirm educational documents, prepares a set of documents according to requirements of an official body performing nostrification, in Ukraine such a body is the Ministry of Education and Science.
  2. Such person submits a set of documents to an official body.
  3. Official body collects required duties and informs the applicant about acceptance of a set of documents for review.
  4. Employees of an official body perform a survey, in particular, they check correspondence of a syllabus of a foreign education establishment with local norms and requirements.
  5. After consideration of an application a person gets a nostrification certificate that officially confirms recognition of diploma or graduation certificate obtained in another country.

List of Obligatory Documents

Applicant must provide:

  • educational document that has undergone legalization procedure (depending on the country this means a notarized translation of such document with affixed stamp “Apostille” or consular legalization);
  • certificate from educational establishment, confirming the fact that applicant studied in this establishment;
  • copy of State Accreditation Certificate of this establishment;
  • if a person changed name of surname (for example, after getting married) – copy of the document confirming this fact.

Moreover, if you decided to entrust performance of works on nostrification of educational documents to a company or specialist providing such services, it’s necessary to execute a power of attorney in the name of such specialist or employee of the company.

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