Certified translation of documents

What is a certified translation?

A certified translation (translation with the notarial certification) is a translation of a document made by a
translator and certified by the seal and signature of a notary.
The notarial certification of the translation of the document is required in order to use the translation of the
official document issued in one country, on the territory of a foreign country, or for a similar application of a
foreign official document on the territory of Ukraine.
A certified translation is required for the validation of documents of individuals and legal entities. In this case,
according to Art. 79 of the Law of Ukraine On Notary:
“The notary certifies the accuracy of the translation of the document from one language to another,
if he knows the relevant languages.
If the notary does not know the relevant languages, the translator, the signature of which is certified by
the notary, is entitled to translate the document. ”

Stages of performing certified translation

In practice, translators with degree in law who are at the same time acting as notaries are extremely rare to
find. That is why the procedure of performing certified translation is usually carried out in following stages:
1. At first, a translator who has received a specialized higher education, translates the document from/into the
required language, drawing it up in accordance with the established template, and then signs it in the presence
of a notary. This signature means that the translator is responsible for the accuracy of the translation of the
data contained in the original document. In addition, the translator is obliged to certify the fact that he or she
has the appropriate qualification by presenting his diploma of higher education indicating the qualification of
"translator" to the notary.
2. Then the notary confirms the translator's qualification and the authenticity of the translator's signature on the
completed translation, as well as enters the personal data of the translator to the notarial register.
Translations of the documents, which are certified by the notary


 certificates (of birth, marriage, divorce, death, surname change, etc.)
 documents issued by educational institutions (certificate of secondary education with supplement, diploma of
higher education with supplement, certificate from the place of study, an extract from the register of student
 labor documentation (employment record book, letter of employment confirmation, certificate of income, etc.)

 documents issued by banking organizations (bank statement, certificate of funds transfer, account opening
confirmation, etc.)
 documents issued by a notary (power of attorney, consent, extract from civil status acts, statement of marital
status, exit permit for minors, etc.)
 procedural papers (court decision, certificates issued by the judiciary bodies …)
 documents issued by the internal affairs bodies (e.g. certificate from the criminal record)
 personal documents (passport, driver's license, pension certificate, military card).
 company statutes, articles of incorporation, minutes of meetings of participants of the company, statements,
extracts from the register of state registration bodies, certificates from tax control authorities, etc.
 certificates
 licenses and various powers of attorney
 financial reports
 accounting documents
 international treaties, agreements, etc.
If you need a translation of a document certified by a notary, you should take into account the specifics of
ordering this service.
FIRST OF ALL, you should remember that the requirements of different institutions for preparation of
documents differ. In this regard, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to get acquainted with the requirements
for the preparation of documents of the institution, in which you plan to submit your documents in advance, and
ONLY AFTER THIS to order the certified translation service in our agency. In addition, do not forget that the
requirements of state institutions often change. For example, if you already ordered us a certified translation six
months ago, and now you have such a need once again, you should inquire with the appropriate institution
about the requirements for the preparation of documents that is currently in force.
Of course, we will be happy to inform you about all the rules of preparation of documents which we know
about, however, with all our desire, we, unfortunately, are not able to inform you about all the intricacies of the
conditions for accepting documents by one or another institution.
Translations of private correspondence, various publications and other informational materials are confirmed
The SEAL OF THE TRANSLATION AGENCY on the document is usually required when submitting a
petition to the embassy of a foreign state in order to obtain a tourist, guest or business visa.

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