Layout of Translation

In some cases, when ordering a translation in our agency, customers ask us to perform the design of the
finished translation in a special way. This is associated with the purpose of the translation, which can be
prepared for publication, presentation, etc. Design and formatting of the finished text so that its appearance
and structure meet the requirements of the customer, is called the layout of the translation.
Generally, the layout consists of the placement of text blocks and illustrations according to the original and
the use of appropriate fonts, alignment, kerning and spacing.
Layout is especially relevant when working with technical documents, such as drawings, instructions and
user's manuals. There are a large number of pictures, diagrams, schemes and symbols in such texts. Thereof,
all the listed content should be correctly represented in translation, otherwise the potential reader will have
problems with the perception of the material. In each case, when the customer contacts us with technical
material, at first we discuss the nuances of the layout with him or her, listen to his or her demands, and only
after all the order is taken into operation. If the customer provide us with his or her requirements as detailed as
possible, this will be taken into account at the stage of the translation, and after finishing the translation and
editing work, the professional layout designer will bring the text into conformity with the task.
Usually the customer knows what he wants to get in the end. In professional translation agencies formatting
is the responsibility of the layout designer. In most cases, it is required to format a translation in full accordance
with the original. That involves the use of identical fonts, color scheme, etc. All objects (text and graphic
components) are placed in a certain way.
Generally, texts are imposed into pages in specialized applications or directly in a text editor. The main thing
is the professionalism of the layout designer. Contact our translation agency and the qualified layout designers
will perform the layout in accordance with the stated requirements. In addition, you can order additional
services: image retouching and prepressing of layout. Working with a single performer for all stages of text
processing is really convenient.