Passport Translation

The most important document of any person, of course, is his or her passport. But it has full legal force only in the country of its issuance. But you can overcome these difficulties, if you translate a document and notarize it in advance. You’ll definitely need a notarized translation of your passport if in another country you want to:

  • make business;
  • get job;
  • get married;
  • receive citizenship;
  • receive inheritance.

It’s safe and convenient to use notarized translation of passport when being abroad. If you lose original passport, you’ll have to spend a lot of money, time and efforts. It’s much easier to present a notarized translation of passport; moreover, it’s much cheaper to make a duplicate translation.

A foreign national may need to translate his/her passport into Ukrainian if he or she wants to contract a marriage within the territory of Ukraine, obtain a residence permit or citizenship, and make business. As a translation of any personal document, translation of a passport requires attention, knowledge of recent requirements as to executing the translation and transliteration of proper names, experience working with notaries and state authorities.

Term of completion of notarized translation of a passport depends not only on translation speed. One should mention that notarized translation includes several stages: the first stage is the translation itself, and then a notary certifies authenticity of the translator and that he/she has a document of specialized higher education. Translator who has translated your document must be present in person at notary’s office when a notary certifies the translation.

Do you want to get a quality translation with notarial certification?

Observe these simple rules:

  1. Contact only translation agencies with good reputation that has been working in the translation industry for more than 5 years. Large established company won’t miss a deadline and it guarantees high quality of translation.
  2. Order the service in advance. Despite of apparent simplicity of passport translation, it requires attention and check by a corrector. Moreover, notarization also takes time, in some cases it takes even more than translation itself.
  3. Check the completed translation. Look if there are mistakes in your data: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth. If you found a misprint, tell about it immediately the manager you had worked with. Reliable translation agencies will retranslate the document and perform a notarization at their cost, if the mistake was made due to their fault.