Translation of GOSTs and standards

Establishment of economic relations between countries of different international entities generates commodity circulation, followed by document flow, as it is impossible to introduce new products without having a number of papers issued. Moreover, a number of actions is often required to be performed:

  1. Carry out certification. Please note that this the name is used to denote the procedure for obtaining both certificates and declarations. Reference to standards will be required.
  2. Undergo all customs procedures. Upon the goods crossing the border you need to provide a number of documents. Moreover, they become especially numerous when a product is new for various reasons. Mentions of GOSTs or even explanations are very important.
  3. Register the goods. This is necessary in relation to medical equipment, some types of machinery, as well as certain drugs. You can not do without using standards.
  4. Get a patent or a license. Permits of this kind are not required in all countries. But when they are, you will need a number of official papers. And all of them have to be translated.
  5. Formalize a contract for a specific product. In this case, you will need to prepare a lot of documents. Please note that we provide a favorable discount for orders of especially large volumes.
  6. Prepare documents for delivery or return of goods. Any actions with products, where companies of different countries are involved in the situation, require translation. GOSTs and standards will also need to be translated in some cases.
  7. Prepare a lawsuit in connection with claims against a specific product. These may include issues regarding quality, partial completeness, or failure to meet delivery deadlines. There are many options.

If you wish to understand how to translate this type of documents, do not waste your time and entrust the work to a professional. This topic is special even for professionals. Therefore, not every translation agency can deal with it. However, we have a large staff of specialists, who are ready to tackle this task.

How to place an order?

If you need to make a translation of GOSTs or standards, please contact us. We have everything that you may need. A complete set of standards that apply in our country, in the CIS or internationally. We know how to make the necessary references in a competent manner. We are happy to help. We do not back down even in difficult situations.