Translation of medication instructions

The appropriateness of the course of treatment selected depends on the expertise when filling out medication instructions. If the patient does not understand the overdose warnings, they may take them condescendingly. If they understand everything wrong with the wrong approach is even worse. Information on side effects will help to understand whether treatment is proceeding correctly or if any violations are observed.

In addition, when taking certain medications, rather serious side effects may manifest: anemia or depression. However, such medications can treat hepatitis C, capable of destroying the liver quite literally in just a few years. That is, no one will refuse the course of treatment. Yet timely and correctly submitted information on side effects would help to take measures in advance, to prepare and adjust the course of treatment.

However, presentation of information depends not only on the items provided by the manufacturer. Possible errors and omissions, quite likely to appear in the implementation of the translation, are of great importance. For example, some dishonest translators may simply leave out some of the data instead of delving into the details. That is, they indicate in the instructions only the parts they understood. As a result, the end user fails to see the whole picture.

Our company understands the full responsibility for high-quality translation both to the customer and to patients. Therefore, there is no room for disregard of this work in our translation agency.

Why choose us? 

Our company employs experienced translators who know how to deal with such documents. They know medical terminology, have a good understanding of chemistry, which is sometimes equally important in translation. They can also prepare a complete set of documents for a specific medication.

If you appoint the translation of instructions for a specific medicine to us, you can have no doubts about the quality of the work performed. Our company does not just make a translation. We also employ a strict quality control at all stages. Before the translation reaches the customer, it goes through several specialists who carefully read it. So there is no reason to doubt the result.

If you wish to know about cooperation with us even more, please contact us. We will give answers to any questions.