Translation of instructions for medical equipment

Instructions for medical equipment should be translated as accurately as possible. Any interpretation in a deviating manner will be unwanted. There is a high risk that such an approach to paperwork will lead to serious problems, for example, with the registration of equipment or with obtaining a certificate for it. Other troubles are also possible – with the control process, conclusion of the contract, etc. Therefore, the translation of this type of instructions must be extremely clear and accurate, and correspond to the original version as much as possible.

At the same time, documentation for equipment is very often formalized when there is a need to obtain a patent or register it. That is, it may be new equipment created using know-hows. In order to understand such papers, one must already have knowledge of the material in this area, understand what is being discussed in the original language. A specialized education is not always a must, but in-depth training is highly desirable.

What exactly do we offer? 

Our company is ready to undertake such a task. We have translated multiple packages of documents on medical equipment. In the translation process, we:

  • we constantly check not only against the original document provided to us, but also against the website of the manufacturer in order to make sure that we have an accurate understanding of each specific term;
  • in the time and opportunity are available, we are ready to contact the support service of the manufacturer and clarify the correct use of specific terms;
  • we delve into the essence of what is being discussed. Our translators are not programs, they do not select words mindlessly, but draw up the text focusing on its essence and internal logic. Of course, they are preserved in the process of translation;
  • we constantly check against dictionaries that are regularly updated. Virtual dictionaries are adjusted as new concepts appear in the language;
  • we study the scientific literature on the topic to be up to date with the latest medical discoveries and general trends. This allows us to make translations free of gross factual errors.

Our company has faced a variety of tasks. We delve into the details, take on the implementation of urgent orders. We are always ready to take into account the client’s wishes. If required, we can change the approach to translation. Our translation agency is also able to take on any amount of work. We carry out our work in a competent manner.