Translation of patent documentation

As a rule, patent documentation is difficult for translation, even for professionals. It needs to be examined carefully and with all due care. Such documentation is replete with legal terms, some of which are used only in specific cases and practically never used anywhere else. That is, it means that it involves a rather specific terminology, which must be prepared for.

However, our translation agency employs professionals who are fluent in such vocabulary. They know what exactly needs to be done, in which particular sense, what small details to pay attention to. Our translators are also familiar with the most common mistakes made when translating patent documents and will not allow them.

We take on any orders

We are ready to undertake any translation, regardless of the particular area it belongs to. That is, it may be a patent for a product or know-how – a unique improvement that will revolutionize production in a certain field. In some cases, it may require special vocabulary that is related to light industry, and to heavy industry in another. However, regardless of the actual topic of the translation, we are ready to take up such an order.

We point out mistakes 

Our team members do not work as proofreaders. At the same time, we do not have a legal education. But we deal with patent documentation very often. In fact, there is a constant flow of such official papers going through our agency. And thanks to the relevant practice, we know how to draw up certain documents and what requirements apply to them. Therefore, we never problems with their preparation.

Why should you contact us? 

Currently, there is a vast number of companies providing translation services on the market. However, we have specialists who are well familiar with the terminology in narrow areas. That is why they will not use inappropriate definitions distorting the meaning of sentences. Bear in mind: poor translation can be the reason of your patent being refused. Or the documents may be sent back for revision. In such a case, you will lose time. Most often. when re-submitting the application, you have to pay a fee for acceptance of these documents yet again. So, it is no good economizing on the translator.