Translation of specifications to contracts

A number of contracts also include specifications. For example, if such a contract involves an essential supply of goods. Specification means an annex to the contract, which should indicate what products are supplied and their specific quantity. Such annex also carefully describes the product’s characteristics, its price. And finally, specifies the delivery terms.

In fact, sometimes the specification may be even more important than the contract itself in disputes between companies. This is so, because it contains the particularities. If the party accepting the product has a claim concerning quality, completeness or quantity, it will refer to the contract. But in fact – to the specification. However, the supplier may also refer to the annex, indicating that the requirements of the second party do not correspond to it.

As you can imagine, since such an application is of great importance, competent translation is also vital. When drafting documents, you should always consider the possibility of a conflict with the other party. Even if the current relationship with your partner is excellent, everything may change. Therefore, the specification must be designed in such a way that there are no misunderstandings. The potential for different interpretations makes this situation unpredictable even when applying to court.

What do we offer? 

Our translators are perfectly able to work with marketing data, legal texts and technical specifications of any given type of goods. We fully understand what exactly to pay attention to. We are ready to delve into the details. At the same time, we are able to translate the specification to a contract on a tight schedule. So, if the other party switched up everything at the last moment during the negotiations with you, we can help to deal with this misunderstanding and translate the new version of the specification as quickly as possible without loss of quality.

Our translation agency is ready to meet various challenges. The specifics of a contract or the application itself is not a problem for us, neither is a large amount of work. At the same time, we can formalize the final data in the form you need. We take criticism with a cool head, always take into account the comments. We provide discounts for large orders, as well as to our regular customers. We a ready to answer any questions about our work. We delve into the details. We can use the example of an already completed work that suits you as reference.