Translation of statutory and constituent documents

Constituent documents or charters are the key documents for most companies. They are used to make conclusions about the activities of an organization. Such papers also provide evidence that you are not being deceived. After all, provision of such documents makes it possible to identify not only the company, but also its owner. So, in the presence of serious claims against the owner, it will be difficult for them to hide, should they even close the company and try to create a new one.

This is why in situations where two (or more) organizations from different countries establish cooperation, they often exchange constituent documents with each other. Of course, depending on the state, they are drawn up in different languages Thus, translation comes into the picture.

Some attempt to use the services of amateurs to save money, especially when it comes to translating standard documentation, which, in the opinion of the owner, contains nothing too complicated. However, such customers subsequently encounter grave mistakes, misused words, and even direct contradictions to the law. As a result, such a translation can ruin the first impression.

What to consider? 

Many entrepreneurs deal with an enormous amount of documents on a daily basis. As a result, they become accustomed to certain terminology. They do not see anything complicated or special in it. In fact, this is a type of occupational “hazard”. To be more precise, this hazard is associated with activity.

Having said that, some terms may seem incomprehensible for someone who does not encounter specific documents all the time. After all, a translator is not a lawyer, an accountant or a marketer.

This is the reason why one should entrust their translation to someone who is able to make a good job of working with such a topic, someone who has deep understanding of it. It is important for a professional to understand the meaning of each term used in order to ensure that the text is mistake-free. It is precisely such specialists who work for us. In addition, all translations received by the customer from us undergo additional checking, which ensures no problems with the work that we have done. Our company guarantees it.

If you need to order urgent translation of such documentation, please contact us. We are not afraid of tackling difficult tasks. We act exclusively in a competent manner and always in the interests of our customers. Our team is also ready for any editing. We look forward to working with you!!