Urgent translation

An urgent transfer may be required by an individual or legal entity for a number of different reasons. A person may find out that they were issued a visa at a moment’s notice and they need to prepare for the next steps. Another may also be informed about a grant or employment at the very last minute. Some simply forget that they need to prepare a translation or overlook specific documents. Finally, it often happens that the performers themselves who promised the quality work fail to fulfill their obligations.

Regardless of the reason why you need an urgent translation, we are ready to take it on. Of course, such work has a substantially higher cost. The matter is that in order to increase the rate of performance, we break it into parts and hand them out to different translators. After this, another specialist who also proof-reads the resulting text with a fresh look brings all of it to a common denominator.

But in order for such a scheme to become possible, we need to recall a large number of specialists from their work. That is, your order becomes a priority. Some other work is being postponed, and the task is being carried out urgently with a higher priority. The total load on our team is being increased. Therefore, their efforts must be compensated.

Quality issue 

Many are indisputably concerned about the quality issue. Will it be possible to make a competent translation? Will the text quality suffer from such a rush? We are asked these questions often. And we understand our customers’ concern. However, in reality, everything is in good order. We divide the amount of work to be assigned to several specialists so that the load on each translator does not increase too much. As a result, specialists will have time not only to do the work, but also to verify it.

However, it is unlikely that a translation of a very specific direction can be performed as an urgent task. If you have, for example, oil and gas documentation to be translated, keep in mind that the number of the professionals who know this terminology and understand the matter is generally limited. Thus, it is better hurry with highly specialized translations. Otherwise, we may not take up an urgent translation in such a situation. We are always ready to help if it is realistic.

Our company can take on an urgent translation of any degree of complexity. Tight deadlines not at the expense of quality!