Technical Translation


What is Technical Translation?

Technical translation is translation of scientific and technical texts used for exchanging highly specialized information between people speaking different languages. Technical texts are characterized by formal and logical style, unambiguousness, consistency and relative narrowness of language. Moreover, such texts are filled with specific terminology and abbreviations, meaning of which may depend on the context.

Diversity of technical texts is quiet big – from user’s manual for a domestic radio receiver to a description of production lines or scientific and technical articles published in specialized editions.

When Do You Need Technical Translation?

Have you bought a new device, user’s manual for which isn’t translated into Russian or Ukrainian? Do your employees need safety training for work with imported equipment? Do you want to attract foreign partners in the project and you need to draft terms of reference in a foreign language? Do you need translation of accompanying documents for a lathe, description of work of a processing line? Probably, do you need a translation of findings of an expert bureau?

Contact Azbuka, an agency of technical translations. We’ll perform a quality translation of any, even the most complicated technical text.

Peculiarities of Translating Technical Texts

One of the difficulties while translating technical texts is newly created terms, specific combinations of words and technical neologisms, translation of which is absent in existing recognized dictionaries and guides. But this problem can be solved. To overcome similar difficulties we together with a customer develop special glossary for the project, or apply a glossary prepared by the customer, who is a specialist in this field. Thus we can ensure accuracy and consistency of terminology, and to avoid false interpretation of terms and wrong expansion of abbreviations.

Technical Translation Includes Translation of such Documents:

  • scientific and technical publications;
  • state technical standards (ГОСТ, ДСТУ, DIN and other);
  • expert findings, results of equipment testing and technological raw materials;
  • technical descriptions;
  • technical instructions;
  • user’s manuals;
  • accompanying documents to technical equipment;
  • computer information in the field of information technology;
  • manufacturer’s instructions;
  • technical drawings;
  • operation instructions;
  • terms of reference;
  • technical patents;
  • technical reports;
  • safety instructions;
  • tender documents, equipment catalogues and other.

Technical translation is one of the most popular services provided by Azbuka Translation Agency. Quality of technical translation is very important because only using quality and informative documents one can place imported equipment into service, brief personnel on safety instructions, maintenance of equipment and methods of fault handling.

What an Ideal Technical Translation Should Be?

Translator of technical texts must know a foreign language perfectly and understand the subject of the text being translated. Unfortunately, translators with technical education and dedicated experts with perfect knowledge of a foreign language are not very common. Azbuka Translation Agency has solved this problem, as we’ve implemented quality control measures for technical translations.

Finished translation is checked at several stages: finished translation is corrected by a linguist, and then the translation is edited and checked for semantic accuracy by a dedicated expert.

If you need to make sure of quality of our translations and qualification of our specialists, you always can order a translation of any fragment of the text at your discretion. As a rule, we complete a free test translation, the volume of which is equal to one translation page (1,800 characters with spaces).

We’ll be glad to welcome you in our offices. Moreover, you can contact us via email or Skype. We’ll be glad to complete even the most complicated projects.