Biometric passport

A biometric passport is a document that certifies the identity of a citizen of the country. A biometric
passport differs from a regular international passport in that it contains a special chip that contains information
about the holder of this document. The chip contains information about the photo, fingerprints, last name, first
name, date of birth, passport number and document validity. Also, the document has watermarks.
The first biometric passports were issued in the United States. These documents are practically
impossible to falsify.
Ukrainian biometric passports will contain pictures on national patterns, which will also be applied in a
special way.
From January 13, 2015 everyone can get a biometric passport. The production of a biometric passport
consists of the passport itself and the personalization of the form for a specific person.
As it is noted at the enterprise, where these biometric passports has been produced, the passport protection
is performed at a high level:
“This issue has been carefully considered here, starting with the selection of paper. It was specially
developed by the NBU Banknote Paper Factory. The paper for biometric passports would be with yellow-blue
fibers with a fixed multi-tone watermark”, – said the director of the plant Maksim Stepanov.
Externally, a biometric passport is different from a regular foreign passport with a special chip logo. Logo is
applied on the cover of the passport. The first page of the passport is thicker than the others, since it has the
identification data of the document holder.
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