Translation of Technical Documents

What is a translation?

Translation is a tool of international, intercultural communication and interaction. No matter in what field or sphere a person works, whether it’s literature or business, medicine or oil extraction, policy or jurisprudence, he or she faces the necessity to translate some information from one language to another.

Translation is conveying of the meaning and style of a message presented in one language using the means of another language. However, speaking of technical translation, we can take lexical diversity, translation of artistic devices and emotional coloring of the text off the table.

Primarily, translation of technical literature is a communication of information, written in a neutral language using phrases that doesn’t allow different interpretations. Primary task of technical translation is to preserve completeness and correctness of special technical information when it’s exchanged among people speaking different languages. Apparently, in order to convey the meaning of a technical text, a translator must understand a subject of the document very well. It means that he or she must be a trained technical specialist and be able to work with various sources of information in order to fill in the missing knowledge and to understand segments of the original document that are unclear to him or her. If a document is being translated reports new developments and technologies, a translator can face a problem of absence of vocabulary, used in the original text, in the target language. This makes technical translation one of the most complicated types of translation.

Azbuka Translation Agency in Kharkiv will always provide you quality services on translation of technical documents, such as:

  • operation instructions;
  • product catalogues;
  • certificates of conformity;
  • specifications of materials and goods;
  • and other types of technical documentation.

We understand the specific character and tasks of technical translations and want to assure you that specialists of our agency are highly qualified and have extensive experience in technical translations.

We look forward to help you!