Urgent Typing Services

If you need typing of text available on any medium, contact any office of Azbuka Translation Agency or contact us in any other way.

Our typing services:

  • typing of a text printed on paper medium;
  • typing of printed text available on electronic medium (scan, PDF and other);
  • typing of handwritten text;
  • typing of formulas;
  • transcription of audio recordings (lectures, phone conversations and other);
  • work with video materials (conferences, symposiums, various videos);
  • typing of a text in a foreign language;

Cost of the service depends on complexity of the task, condition of the medium (printed or handwritten text, quality of audio recording), level of material complexity, language.

Moreover, price depends on content of the text, as it may include various images, diagrams, tables, formulas etc.

Typing includes several stages:

  • evaluation of cost (complexity) of text and price determination (for this you should provide us a segment of the material);
  • we start typing when we receive the whole material (handwriting, hard copy, book, file);

sending of typed text to client’s email (upon request of the client we also can print the text).