Website promotion

Website promotion is a set of measures which purpose is to increase its visibility in search systems. With regular search promotion, the quality and relevance of the pages is increased, and their content meets the requirements of users. We want to focus on the fact that today website promotion is one of the most effective methods of promoting business on the Internet.

We invite you to view our cases on the promotion of online stores and examples of search optimization of information sites. Read comments from our customers. Our minimum tariff starts from 1000 UAH/month. We work under a formal contract, therefore we guarantee the result and are responsible for the obligations taken.

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Any business needs promotion. Taking into account today’s realities, an existence of company website is one of the mandatory conditions if it has an intent to achieve success. And here it is appropriate to quote Bill Gates: “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” Promotion is a major internet marketing tool. As a result, the site will be available to the target audience. Users will enter their queries into the search system and find the promoted website through them.

The process of promotion is conditionally divided into two stages. First of all, an internal optimization is carried out, which means bringing technical parameters, pages and content to the requirements of search systems. Further, external optimization is carried out.

There are two types of promotion. The first one is a classic website promotion by inquiries through the top search systems. The second one is promotion through traffic.

For successful promotion it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. Let consider an example. Only in the Google system there are about 200 ranking criteria. Working with them, there is a chance to get to the first page of results.

First of all, the specialists of our company conduct a comprehensive SEO-audit of the site, trying to make a detailed analysis. However, the reality is that there are factors that cannot be influenced. For example, the age of the domain. It cannot be changed. The good news is that the most significant ranking factors can be influenced. This allows to achieve success.

A set of measures for SEO-optimization

  • The initial stage is marketing research. Herewith, the market is analyzed, competition is evaluated and the needs of the target audience are identified. After that, a promotion strategy is developed;
  • Further, the detailed audit of the resource is carried out. Mandatory stages are the check of the speed of loading pages. Also, our experts check the operation of the server on which the site is stored;
  • The list of requests for promotion is determined (semantic core);
  • Work with technical parameters is carried out. Duplicate pages are eliminated by editing the .htaccess file. In robots.txt, the indexing settings is set, a site map and error page 404 is created on a mandatory basis;
  • Further, the convenience and ease of use of the site for visitors (usability) are analyzed. Then the structure is optimized in accordance with the requirements of search systems;
  • The next stage is working with text content. It is means writing unique articles (copyright) or rewriting existing ones (rewriting). For each page, meta tags are put. And the key words are indicated not only in the text, but also in the headers and meta tags;
  • Measures are being taken to speed up the indexation of the site in search systems;
  • External optimization: the site is registered in catalogs, directories, links are brought from thematic resources;
  • For assessment of results of the site, the analytics system is connected. For example, Google Analytics. Thanks to this, the attendance can be analyzed, user preferences can be learned, etc.;
  • After some time, experts are developing recommendations for further promotion.


It is determined individually, since the calculation takes into account a number of factors. Let list them.

  • Type of web-resource: online store, newsportal, business card website, etc.;
  • The current state of the site from a technical point of view;
  • Link mass;
  • The number of pages for promotion;
  • The region where the promotion is planned;
  • The level of competition is evaluated;
  • Tasks and goals of promotion. Prioritization: page output to the top 10 or increase of attendance;
  • Number of inquiries;
  • Related promotion measures: crowd marketing, contextual advertising, etc.

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